So, I’ve been perpetually busy.

In January, I started school again. Two classes and 10 hours a week for a work-from-home internship. I didn’t go back to tutoring…good thing since I wouldn’t have had time.

Also in January, my in-laws moved away (out of state). *insert sad face here*

In February my mother & brother bought the mobile home that my in-laws owned and has been working on fixing it up to their tastes and moving in.

Here’s where I get busy: My mom has a lot of stuff. My mom has a lot of health problems. My brother has a lot of stuff. My brother works an almost full-time job. Therefore, I’ve been helping them clean out and move into their new place.

A chuckle for you: My brother owns a Kia Soul. You know, those little box-looking cars? Anyhow, he also owns a queen-size bed. He was doing the work on the mobile home and wanted to be able to sleep there (hoping if he was actually there he’d get the projects finished faster). He decided to enlist the help of Clone of Bob to move the bed ON the Kia. I didn’t actually see this, but Clone of Bob claims that it was a sight to see. Especially since they opened the windows of the car, not the doors to strap down the mattress! They had to climb into the car from the back hatch. Priceless! I really wish I had gotten a picture of that!

A plus side: this has prompted me to clean out and simplify like I wanted to a long time ago. When I have free time, I’m finding myself cleaning out a cabinet/box/closet/room. Bob and I did our bathroom, our closet, and the kids’ den this weekend.

I’ve started working on my duvet cover, but will not post about it until it’s finished. I can create a semi-tutorial for you!

I’ve still got to write the post on the kitchen table set, which is pretty much finished. I need to clear-coat the top of the table, but the weather nor time has been on my side to do that particular project.

A Few Updates…

I thought I would post a few updates on progress and such…

Last week or so (time runs together lately) I posted about DIY gentle face wash. It works just fine, but I am going to tweak the recipe just a bit because the current recipe is very watery. However, my face is clean, not breaking out, and soft.

A while ago I posted about the Currents in Literature curriculum. Clone of Bob is doing well with it (when I can get him to stop complaining…he just doesn’t want to do any literature, it isn’t the book). However, I did give in to one concession. I am working on making copies of the ‘workbook’ I posted so that the kids can just type the answers out on their computers and not have to do a bunch of actual writing. We are now living in a technological world, and I’m willing to let them do that much. As I get each chapter done, I will update the original blog post.

The table and chairs are almost finished. I ended up recovering the chair seats because I really wasn’t going to have time to pull out the sewing machine. The first few weeks of school are always hectic while I get my bearings. Bob smashed his fingers in the loose chair seats, so we had to get the seats reattached ASAP. We bought a clear tablecloth from Walmart for $5 and used that to put over the fabric of the chairs so that they’ll stay clean. One plus to that–the cats now stay off of our kitchen chairs. No more will I be in fear of getting fur all over my rear while eating dinner. I don’t know how long the plastic will hold up, but when you only pay $5 for it, it’s worth a try. I will post about that whole project soon.

Otherwise, we’re keeping busy…as usual.

Back to School…

So, I started classes again on Monday. Thankfully, I only have two classes and an internship this semester. I won’t be nearly as crazy-busy as I was last semester. However, I haven’t been able to get to any of the projects that I planned to yet.

I DID paint my kitchen table and chairs over New Years. That was a week ago, and the paint is still sticky for some reason. We’ve had to be really careful using the table since I deemed it “dry, just annoying.” I will be posting more about that once we fully finish the project.

A little taste though…

My pics didn’t turn out all that great. I was working in my kitchen because it rained all day. Even with lights on, it was still gloomy.


I turned the table upside down to do the bottom pedestal first, then sanded it and painted it. Once it was dry enough, I did the top…I forgot to take a pic of that.


I had originally started out painting the chairs with a paint brush…not a good idea. This pic was taken after I realized it was better to use a small roller. You get much better coverage! I was using a paint with the primer built into it and it still took 3+ coats to cover the chairs.

Bob helped me with the chairs the day before (when we were using paint brushes), and complained the whole time that spray paint would be easier. Yes, it would have been, but I got a gallon of mistake paint at Lowe’s for only $5. Can you imagine how many cans of spray paint it would have taken to cover a table and 4 chairs?!

The chairs were originally padded, but I can’t clean them that way unless I use an upholstery cleaner. I decided that I wanted to be able to throw the covers in the wash to clean them. So, once the weather cooperates some, we’ll be revamping the chair seats so that I can paint them, too. Then, I’ll make chair pads–there will be a tutorial for that.

In the mean time, I hope everyone stays warm! I, personally, hate winter and cannot wait until spring arrives.

Breakfast Quesadillas

Yes, I’m obsessed with quesadillas, and with breakfast. I try to find inexpensive ways to have a healthy breakfast; things I can make ahead of time and reheat later.

DSCF1958I started with two whole eggs and two egg whites, mixed with a little bit of milk, salt, and pepper.

DSCF1956Then, to make six quesadillas, I cooked 6 egg omelet-type things; cooking until done on both sides.

DSCF1959DSCF1957At the same time, I cooked a package of Banquet Brown-n-Serve sausage links.

DSCF1960Then, I sliced the sausages in half, and placed those, the egg, and some Mexican blend cheese onto a tortilla shell.

DSCF1962Then I folded them over and cooked them on my indoor grill for 5 minutes.

These turned out pretty good. I was able to freeze and reheat them in the microwave, and they were almost as good as freshly made quesadillas.

DIY Gentle Face Wash

*EDITED Recipe on 1/20/2014*

My kids have reached the wonderful pre-teen/teenage years…which means they need to take more care with the skin on their faces if they want their skin to be blemish-free.

A while back, I made some homemade face wash for them to try. Surprisingly, Boo has remained zit-free since using it. Clone of Bob still breaks out some, but he doesn’t use the wash as much as he’s supposed to…

I ran out of my own face wash and decided to make some for myself to try. Here’s how:


  • 1 oz. virgin coconut oil
  • 4 oz. mild baby wash (head-to-to, or just body)
  • 1 oz. witch hazel.
  • empty 6 oz. or bigger, pump bottle


I used Nutiva brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I ordered at 15 oz. bottle for around $7.16 on Amazon. I used a store brand witch hazel, and I want to say I paid no more than $1.50 for a 16 oz. bottle. I used a store brand baby body wash (from Food Lion) and I paid $2.19 for a 15 oz. bottle. So, guesstimating the price per 6 oz. bottle of homemade face wash:

  • Witch hazel: $0.09/ounce x 1 oz.= $0.09
  • Baby Wash: $0.14/ounce x 4 oz.= $0.56
  • Coconut oil: $0.48/ounce x 1 oz.= $0.48
  • Total: $1.13 per bottle.

I know the generic “Olay” face wash is around $4/bottle at Walmart. Don’t even get me started on the name brand stuff.

Reasons for using what I used:

Baby wash is gentle and tear-free so it’ll be nice to your skin.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, so it will help clean out the pores.

Coconut oil is good for so many uses, I can’t list them all. It’s antibacterial, plus it moisturizes.


I will try this for the next couple of weeks on my own face, and report back on the results.

Organizing the Fabric Stash

Bob built me a chest/coffee table a few years back, and lately I have been using it to hold my fabric. I, however, couldn’t find anything in it because the fabric kept getting all jumbled up in there. Here’s how I fixed that issue.

DSCF1977The mess of fabric.

DSCF1978Both of these were designed to hang in a closet. The smaller one for shoes, the larger one for sweaters or something.


After placing the closet organizing things… I have no idea what they’re really called… in the chest, I rolled each piece of fabric so that I can place them end-up in the chest. I can now see what colors and prints of fabric that I have.

You could do something like this in a large box, bin, or the bottom of a closet.